The domain for Hillyan News seized by the citizens of Hillys in protest to the DomZ invasion and the Alpha Sections occupation!

Upload a save game file, either sally.idx or slot*.sav.

Or enter the internet code.

NOTE: if you can't tell what the character is, there is only lowercase o (no uppercase O and no number 0), and only the number 1 (no uppercase I and no lowercase l). Uppercase U and lowercase u have kind of a curved first part then straight second part, V is more symetrical. Plus sign + is all symetrical, lowercase t has a curved bottom part.

NOTE: this site does not save any data or send it anywhere. If you're an extra paranoid photo journalist type, you can even save the page to your personal MDisk reader disconnected from any network and still use it.

See here for an archive of the original web site.

This web site built on the reversing efforts of ༩ ༢ ༡ ༤ and sites like BG&E Myth and The Darkroom.

If there are any issues with this site, you can complain to faehnrich