HILLYS, 12/01/2003

Extremists Spread Propaganda
An underground extremist group calling itself "The Iris Network" has targeted Hyllian citizens with a campaign of anti-government propaganda. Government officials labeled IRIS as an "ignorant band of subversives, counterproductive and demoralizing to Hillian society." If you, or anyone you know, have been contacted The Iris Network, notify your local Alpha Sections chapter immediately."

Races of Hillys Reopen
Hillyan Currency Busts, Giant Pearls Boom
Natural Museum Seeks Photographers
Science & Technology
Holograms are a Hit
New Video Game goes "Beyond Good and Evil"
Akuda Bar Attracts Hyllians Near and Far
The Arts
Artists See Grand Visions of Hillys
Intergalactic Commission Approves Use of More
Alpha Sections Troops
Sunny and Mild
    A Word from Hyllian News
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Wanted for hacking :
sprawlers , peyjpig , agillis , crobot , Zlaak1 , bradleyjb , jenn_swab , taminatorboy , Marcocio , cirdan-g
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- Races of Hillys Reopen (11/24/2003)
- Akuda Bar Attracts Hillyans Near and Far (11/17/2003)
- Hillyan Currency Busts, Giant Pearls Boom (11/10/2003)
- Alpha Sections Shut Down Slaughterhouse (11/03/2003)
- Hillyan Citizens Again Show Courage (10/16/2003)
- Alpha Sections Suppress Citywide Inferno (10/02/03)
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